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1L Pack Fully Synthetic 5HP Auto Transmission Fluid – for Tiptronic 4 & 5 Speed Auto –

For 5 Speed and 4 & 5 Speed Tiptronic auto transmission gearbox made by European cars manufacturers (BMW, Mercedes, Porsche) and Japanese cars manufacturer (Honda, Nissan Toyota).

Brand: Euro AP – Fully Synthetic
Performance : Full Power, Smooth
Mileage : 50,000Km per service
Weight : 1 KG
Packing Qty : 1 LITRE

Car models: Audi, Audi A4 B7 2004 - 2008, Audi A6 C5, Audi A6 C6, Audi A8 4E, Audi A8 4H, Audi Q7 4L, BMW 3 Series E30, BMW 3 Series E36, BMW 3 Series E46, BMW 3 Series E90, BMW 3 SERIES E90 320i, BMW 5 SERIES E34, BMW 5 SERIES E39, BMW 5 SERIES E60, BMW 5 SERIES F10, BMW 7 SERIES E32, BMW 7 SERIES E38, BMW 7 SERIES E66, BMW 7 SERIES F02, BMW X1 E84, BMW X3 E83, BMW X5 E53, BMW X5 E70, BMW X5 F15, BMW X6 E71, BMW X6 F16, BMW Z4 E84, BMW Z4 E89, Mercedes 190E W201, Mercedes C Class W202, Mercedes C Class W203, Mercedes C Class W204, Mercedes C200 W202, Mercedes CLK W208, Mercedes CLK W209, Mercedes CLS C218, Mercedes CLS W219, Mercedes E Class W124, Mercedes E Class W210, Mercedes E Class W211, Mercedes E Class W211 Facelift, Mercedes E Class W212, Mercedes E Coupe (C207), Mercedes ML W163, Mercedes ML W164, Mercedes S Class W126, Mercedes S Class W140, Mercedes S Class W220, Mercedes Saloon W123, Mercedes SL R129, Mercedes SL R230, Mercedes SLK R170, Mercedes SLK R171, Mercedes SLK R172, Porsche Cayenne 2005, Porsche Cayenne 2008, Volkswagen Tuareg 7L7, Volkswagen Tuareg 7P5