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Way to Clean foggy headlight

Headlights should never be ignored, as they are one of the most important car parts. Although the maintenance and cleaning of headlights is imperative but you can’t prevent them from getting foggy.  

Way to clean headlight

headlight restoration kits available in auto body shops. 

Using Toothpaste to clean headlight is highly effective.

  • Cleaning agent for foggy headlights 

  • known for fixing scratches

Way to clean headlights

Get a spare sponge, put some toothpaste on it and rub it all over headlight surface. Do not go for rash rubbing. Keep it smooth so you do not damage the headlight. 

If something unfortunate happens to headlight, you can get an original aftermarket replacement from our EUROAP One Stop Centre Store.

  1. Start wiping off toothpaste with the wet cloth. 

  2. Headlight will be shiny and clear like before

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