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Pros and cons of choosing aftermarket vs OEM parts.


Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts are built by a vehicle’s auto maker. They’re the same parts that were initially installed in your car when it was brand new.


Aftermarket parts speak for any auto parts that aren’t created by a vehicle’s manufacturer. 

Pros and Cons:


When it comes to OEM and aftermarket parts think of it that name brand and store brand versions of products in grocery store because you're not paying for the pr of brand .

OEM and aftermarket parts in the same way you think of names-brand and store-brand versions of a product.

Since you’re not paying for the prestige/reputation of the brand name, in general, a store-brand product is going to be cheaper than a name brand. The same goes for aftermarket and OEM parts: Aftermarket parts tend to be less expensive than OEM.


Quality of OEM vs aftermarket parts is that OEM parts are engineered to stike for better quaity between safety, durability, efficiency for a wider audience e.g the sedan driver.


OEM parts are typically only available at dealerships that sell your car’s make. On the flip side, you can buy aftermarket parts at any repair shop.


The sheer number of aftermarket part brands out there can be a little overwhelming. Those in pursuit of aftermarket parts should do their research, read reviews, and speak to a professional to ensure that they find the part that will work best for their application.

OEM parts tend to be straightforward with what’s offered. 

Which auto parts should I go with ?

  • Aftermarket auto parts and OEM parts each have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Choose OEM:

  • For modifications or replacements that are unique to your specific model, OEM is the better way to go.

Choose Aftermarket: 

  • When you’re making an upgrade that requires stepping outside the performance bounds of normal driving, there’s an aftermarket part out there that’ll do just the trick; you just need to find it.


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